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How to Screen Mirror

Learn how to easily Screen Mirror / Youtube Mirror with this simple tutorial.

How to Connect to a Wifi Source

Easily connect the Magic Box 2.0 to wifi with this simple guide.

How to Quick Connect to Personal Hotspot

Establish a seamless connection between your Magic Box 2.0 and your phone's hotspot for uninterrupted internet access with this simple guide.

How to do Split Screen

View and interact with two apps simultaneously on The Magic Box 2.0's screen by following this simple guide on split screen.

How to Fix Speedometer

If you're speedometer on the Magic Box 2.0 is off, follow this simple tutorial to fix it.

Adjusting Sound Loudness

Learn how to adjust the audio on the Magic Box 2.0 with this simple tutorial.

Customize Home Screen, Widgets, and Move Apps

In this tutorial, we walk you through how to customize the home screen, widgets, and how to move applications on the Magic Box 2.0.

Connecting to Wireless Carplay

Easily connect to the vehicle's Carplay with your Magic Box 2.0 with this quick and simple guide. If you have done all this and are still having issues, please try the following steps 9-12.

How to Change Wallpaper

Customize your Magic Box 2.0's appearance by changing the wallpaper on your home screen.

How to Clear Background Apps

How to Use a SIM Card

Establish a reliable connection on your Magic Box 2.0 by following this simple guide on inserting your Sim Card and connecting it to the Magic Box 2.0. 1. Turn off Wi-Fi and leave mobile data on in the settings. 2. Go to advanced settings -> Network

Connecting External Bluetooth Devices such as OBD2 and more!

Take full advantage of its wireless capabilities of The Magic Box 2.0, easily connect to external Bluetooth devices with this simple guide.

How to Update Software

Ensure your Magic Box 2.0 is running the latest software version, enabling you to benefit from enhanced performance with this simple guide.

How to Move Apps Around

Easily customize your interface with this simple guide on how to move apps on the Magic Box 2.0.

How to Add Maps to Home Screen

Easily add maps directly to your home screen with this simple guide, allowing you quick and convenient access to navigation.