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How to Use a SIM CardUpdated 7 months ago

Establish a reliable connection on your Magic Box 2.0 by following this simple guide on inserting your Sim Card and connecting it to the Magic Box 2.0.

  1. Insert SIM Card as shown in the photo, Chip side facing UP.  
  1. Locate the Normal Settings app and select it. 
  1. Select Mobile Data 


  1. Make sure Mobile Data is turned on and your SIM card should display numbers at the bottom if it is correctly being read, along with GREEN LTE circle in the middle.     
  2. Return to Home Screen -> Check to see if SIM is being read in bottom right-hand corner  of the screen. 


  1. If some reason your SIM Card is still not working, and you can’t access the internet please do the following: 

1. Turn off Wi-Fi and leave mobile data on in the settings. 

2. Go to advanced settings -> Network and Internet -> Mobile Network -> Advanced settings ->  Access point names -> Press + button- > input name text. 

3. Before you leave information APN page -> press the three buttons on the top right- > press  save.  




*Before you leave information APN page ->press the three buttons on the top right- > press save*

  1. Find your SIM carrier below and type in this information in the two fields NAME & APN.  After you type in the info, Click the 3 dots at the top right corner -> SAVE AT&T: 





Name: T-Mobile



Name: apn

APN: vzwinternet

Mint Mobile:

Name: apn

APN: wholesale

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