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How to Change Time & Date Settings

How To Manage and Delete Apps

Within the Magic Box there are two ways to delete apps from the device and it'll depend on the original download source of the application, Google Play Store or APK Pure. Deleting Apps from APK Pure:. Deleting Apps using Uninstaller:.

How to Clear Apps to Reduce Background Cache

How To Customize The Startup Animation?

How To Split Screen Between Two Apps

How To Select Default Startup Screen Within The Magic Box

Easily configure the Magic Box to your specific media preference. For context, The Magic Box has two default startup options:. To adjust your default startup screen, please follow these instructions.

How To Download Apps That Are Not Available In Google Play Store

Looking to download an app that doesn't come pre-downloaded on The Magic Box? Follow the simple tutorial below to learn where the App Store is located and how to use it to get any app on your Magic Box.

How To Connect The Magic Box To Your Car

Here's how to connect The Magic Box each time you wish to use it in your car. It's just 3 steps to get it connected and streaming any app. Please always use the included cords to connect to your car. Lastly, when you are not using The Magic Box and t

How to Return to Your Factory Car Screen

In the event you wish to return to your factory car screen, you are just a few clicks away.

Mirror Your Phone to Cars Display Screen

There may be some cases when you want to mirror your phone instead of using one the apps available for download directly to The Magic Box. Here's a quick video on how to access the screen mirroring feature.

How To Access General Settings Within The Magic Box

Here's how to change settings with The Magic Box for a more personal experience. Please keep in mind the box will remember these settings for future use.