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How To Manage and Delete AppsUpdated 7 months ago

Within the Magic Box there are two ways to delete apps from the device and it'll depend on the original download source of the application, Google Play Store or APK Pure.

Deleting Apps from APK Pure:

  1. Locate the APK application on the magic box as shown below. (Remember, APK is different from APK Pure App store).
  2. Open APK, in here you will see apps you that you have installed and the apps you can uninstall.

Deleting Apps using Uninstaller:

  1. If you want access to delete more apps that are not listed here, go to the Google Play Store and search “App uninstaller” Download the Uninstaller.
  2. After you download the App go back to the Magic Box home screen and open theUninstaller. Be very careful on this app, we recommend staying in the “User Apps” section ONLY!

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