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How to Modify Settings to Fix Glitchy Screen

On rare occasions a vehicle may experience a glitchy screen but no need to worry, the 5 steps below will get that resolved within a few minutes.

How to Fix Screen Resolution

First, if you have the Android Auto app, please delete it from your phone. This has fixed a lot of issues. If that doesn't work please follow the steps below.

How To Fix Frozen Screen, Touch Screen Not Working, or Steering Wheel Controls

If you are experiencing any of these issues listed below please submit a Software Update Request through our contact form to receive an over-the-air update.

How To Fix Magic Link Connection Issues

Occasionally, you may experience a connection loop while trying to connect The Magic Link to your phone via Bluetooth. No need to worry, you can try the following steps for me if you are still having issues? This has fixed most problems people may ha