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My box won't connect, how do I fix this?Updated 7 months ago

For most customers, setting up the Magic Box is as simple as 1-2-3 as described in our Quick Start Guide. But, in the rare event you have issues connecting properly to your car using the Magic Box, we've outlined a series of troubleshooting steps below to follow.

Please make sure you only use the cords included with your order. While going through these steps, please have your quick start guide handy since the lights on the box have their own unique statues so you'll want to watch those throughout the process.

  1. On your phone device, go into bluetooth settings and “forget/Remove” your vehicle as a bluetooth source on your phone.
  2. Go into phone settings —> General settings —> CarPlay/Android Auto —> “Forget/Remove” your vehicle from CarPlay/Android Auto.
  3. Go into vehicle settings --> bluetooth —> “Forget/Remove” your phone as a bluetooth device.
  4. Go into vehicle settings —> CarPlay —> “Forget/Remove” your phone and any other phones listed as a CarPlay device.
  5. Connect the USB-C to Magic Box and Standard USB-A to the vehicle factory wired CarPlay Port wait 20 seconds.
  6. If The Magic Box does not automatically connect, locate CarPlay on your vehicle screen and click on CarPlay (Even if you have an Android phone or use Android Auto) still click into CarPlay
  7. See if a device listed is “iPhone” click “iPhone” then select “Enable Apple CarPlay when prompted.

If you completed all these steps and still having trouble, please try these additional steps.

  1. Unplug The Magic Box from the vehicle
  2. See if you can update the vehicle software in the settings of the vehicle.
  3. If no updates are available or needed, simply go into "vehicle settings" and do a "factory reset/restore to default settings"
  4. Once the system says vehicle has been restored to factory settings, power the vehicle "OFF" completely for 2 minutes so the screen can reset.
  5. Now power the vehicle back on and plug The Magic Box in and wait 2 minutes for the system to configure.

Still experiencing issues? Please contact our support team: [email protected]

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