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How to Delete AppsUpdated 7 months ago

Easily delete the applications you don't want anymore on your Magic Box 2.0 by following this simple guide.

  1. You can Delete applications two different ways:  1. APK Manager  2. Download App Uninstaller from the App Store  
    1. Launch APK Manager App  
      1. Here you will see all apps that you have installed since owning the magic box, you can  uninstall apps as you wish here. 
        1. If you want a more detailed way to uninstall apps and system apps, go to the Google  Play store or APK Pure App store and search “App Uninstaller” and download it. 
          1. If you are downloading this App Via APK PURE APP STORE you may see a prompt that  states may be harmful app blocked, It’s not harmful. Select -> more details -> Install anyway.
            1. Launch Uninstaller -> click the app you wish to uninstall -> click trash and follow  uninstall prompts -> Done! 


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