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How To Connect The Magic Box to a Wifi NetworkUpdated 7 months ago

  1. With The Magic Box plugged in and successfully connected, please navigate to the Magic Box Streaming screen
  1. Swipe the screen to the left until you see the Setting app
  1. Tap on the Settings app

  1. Find Wifi and tap into it
  1. Make sure the Wifi signal on The Magic Box is set to On using the On/Off toggle in the top right. Scroll down until you see your Wifi Network, if you do not see your Wifi Network - please open and keep open the personal hotspot page on your phone.Return one page on the magic box and re-open the Wifi page on the magic box
  1. Type in your Wifi Network password, if you are using mobile hotspot, you can see this on your mobile phone in the personal hotspot settings
  1. Return to the Magic Box home screen and check if you see the Wifi symbol illuminated below the clock
  1. Open Google Chrome app or YouTube app and test your internet is working properly

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